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This website is run by Drewsteignton Parish Council as a service to local residents and to those visiting the area.

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Latest News

22 Jul 21

Information on Community Speed Watch Groups.

Speeding has reached epidemic proportions and calls for a paradigm shift in the way we tackle it. That shift must include a change in the perception and management of community volunteers’ involvement with road safety.

More information in what is involved in setting up and running a Community Speed Watch group can be found on the dedicated website.

12 Jul 21

New service on DCC Website for Gully Cleaning

Members of the public can now check when a gully was last “inspected” which is usually when it was last cleaned.

There are some conditions to it though:

  • last inspected does not mean last cleaned, for example, they might not have been able to clean it because the cover was stuck.
  • It will usually not show you if a drain has been jet cleaned since it was last inspected.


Click “our interactive map” zoom in to a location, wait for the blue dots to load which seems to take a while, click on the blue dot and it will give you some info on when it was last inspected and its frequency of clean.

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