Council Policies, Procedures and Audit Documents

Below can be found the Policies and Procedures for Drewsteignton Parish Council along with the Audit documents filed by year end.

Council Policies & Procedures:

DPC 001 Standing Orders
DPC 001-A Addendum to Standing Orders (Relating to Remote Meetings) Note DPC 001-A remains valid until 11.59pm on the 6th May 2021.
DPC 002 Code of Conduct
DPC 003 Financial Regulations
DPC 004 Scheme of Delegation
DPC 005 Data Retention and Disposal Policy
DPC 006 Internal Audit Policy
DPC 007 Anti-Fraud & Corruption Policy
DPC 008 Lone Worker Policy
DPC 009 Equality & Diversity Policy
DPC 010 Health & Safety Policy
DPC 011 Confidential Reporting Policy
DPC 012 Complaints & Grievances Policy
DPC 013 Data Protection Policy
DPC 014 Privacy & Accessibility Statements
DPC 015 Internal Financial Control Policy
DPC 016 Council Risk Assessment
DPC 017 Disciplinary Procedure
DPC 018 Training Policy
DPC 019 Freedom of Information & Publication Scheme
DPC 020 Press & Media Policy
DPC 021 Removable Media Policy
DPC 022 Cllr Email & Own Device Policy
DPC 023 Reserves Policy

Year End & Audit Documents:

These are listed by Financial year end date.

Year End & Audit Documents: 31-03-2021
Documents Pending… (these will be available after the April Council Meeting)
Year End & Audit Documents: 31-03-2020
Governance & Accounting Statements including Internal Audit Return
Explanation for 2019 Restated Figures
Variances Explained
Year End Bank Reconciliation
Items of Expenditure over £100
Internal Auditors Report
Council Comments on Internal Auditors Report
Exercise of Public Rights Notice
Conclusion of External Audit
External Auditors Report
Older Year End and Audit Documents