Minutes of Meetings, Agendas and Supporting Documents.

Below you can find the Minutes, Agendas and Meeting Support Documents (where applicable) from 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Please note that documents prior to May 2020 are not yet fully compliant with current accessibility guidelines, they will be replaced with compliant documents once converted, if you require a document in an accessible format please contact Clerk@drewsteigntonparish.co.uk

Historical minutes & Agendas (from 2010 to 2018) can be found here.


AgendaMeeting Support Document (if applicable)Minutes
Agenda 18th January 2021Meeting Support Document 18th January 2021Minutes 18th January 2021
Agenda 15th February 2021N/AMinutes 15th February 2021
Agenda 15th March 2021N/ADraft Minutes 15th March 2021
Agenda 29th April 2021
(due to the death of HRH Prince Philip this meeting was moved from the 19th)
Meeting Support Document 29th April 2021.
Supporting Document 7.4.21 a) Annual Planner 2021-22.
Supporting Document 8.4.21 a) Internal Auditors Report 2020-21.
5th May 2021 – Annual Council Meeting – 7pm Meeting Support Document 5th May 2021.
DPC 003 Financial Regulations V2.0-Draft.
(Policies listed on the Agenda as R1 can be found on the Council Documents page.)


AgendaMeeting Support Document (if applicable)Minutes
Agenda 20th January 2020N/AMinutes 20th January 2020
Agenda 17th February 2020N/AMinutes 17th February 2020
Agenda 24th February 2020 – Extra MeetingN/AMinutes 24th February 2020 – Extra Meeting
Agenda 16th March 2020N/AMinutes 16th March 2020
April 2020 – Due to COVID-19 no meeting was held.N/AN/A
Agenda 18th May 2020Meeting Support Document 18th May 2020Minutes 18th May 2020
Agenda 15th June 2020Meeting Support Document 15th June 2020Minutes 15th June 2020
Agenda 25th June 2020 – Extra meetingMeeting Support Document 25th June 2020Minutes 25th June 2020 – Extra meeting
Agenda 20th July 2020Meeting Support Document 20th July 2020Minutes 20th July 2020
Agenda 17th August 2020N/AMinutes 17th August 2020
Agenda 21st September 2020Meeting Support Document 21st September 2020Minutes 21st September 2020
Agenda 19th October 2020Meeting Support Document 19th October 2020Minutes 19th October 2020
Agenda 16th November 2020Meeting Support Document 16th November 2020Minutes 16th November 2020
Agenda 14th December 2020Meeting Support Document 14th December 2020Minutes 14th December 2020


AgendaMeeting Support Document (if applicable)Minutes
Agenda 21st January 2019N/AMinutes 21st January 2019
Agenda 18th February 2019N/AMinutes 18th February 2019
Agenda 18th March 2019N/AMinutes 18th March 2019
Agenda 25th March 2019 – Extra MeetingN/AMinutes 25th March 2019 – Extra Meeting
Agenda 15th April 2019County Cllr McInnes ReportMinutes 15th April 2019
Agenda 20th May 2019 – Annual Parish Council MeetingN/AMinutes 20th May 2019 – Annual Parish Council Meeting
Agenda 17th June 2019N/AMinutes 17th June 2019
Agenda 15th July 2019N/AMinutes 15th July 2019
Agenda 19th August 2019N/AMinutes 19th August
Agenda 16th September 2019N/AMinutes 16th September 2019
Agenda 21st October 2019Meeting Support Document 21st October 2019Minutes 21st October 2019
Agenda 26th October 2019 – Extra MeetingN/AMinutes 26th October 2019 – Extra Meeting
Agenda 18th November 2019N/AMinutes 18th November 2019
Agenda 16th December 2019Meeting Support Document 16th December 2019Minutes 16th December 2019